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3rd Culture is an urban athleisure clothing collection featuring streetwear and activewear, founded by world-renowned musician, recording artist and producer Taku Hirano. 


A bona fide 3rd Culture kid, born in Japan and raised in California and Hong Kong, Taku Hirano has always had a keen eye pointed towards the visual aspects of pop culture. Whether it was Japanese animation or California's surf and skateboarding culture, Taku was always drawn to detail, color, design, and aesthetics.

Though formally trained in both music and the visual arts, music finally won out, taking Taku around the world on tours with the likes of rock legends Fleetwood Mac and R&B icon Whitney Houston.

In fact, Taku's client list of luminaries spans practically every genre of music, including Beyoncé, Lady Gaga, Kanye West, Ariana Grande, Pharrell, John Mayer, Annie Lennox, Shakira, Aretha Franklin, Dr. Dre, Usher, Ed Sheeran, Snoop Dogg, Nine Inch Nails, John Legend, Willie Nelson, Patti LaBelle, Melissa Etheridge, Bette Midler, Mary J. Blige, and Andrea Bocelli.

In 2015, Origin Magazine named Taku in their list of Top 100 Creatives for his collective achievements in the worlds of music, fashion design, and graphic design.


The first designs that would become 3rd Culture stemmed from merchandise for Taku's international drum workshops. Taku knew he was onto something as his name is the acronym for Try And Keep Up.™

He adopted the moniker and hashtag "#taku" as his trademarked slogan.

While on world tour with Cirque du Soleil, surrounded by world-class musicians, circus artists, members of the Michael Jackson estate, and the top dancers and b-boys from around the world, the first run of shirts immediately sold-out... Not to drummers, but to dancers and athletes who brought them back to their native countries.

The Try And Keep Up.™ design shirts began trending, showing up on the international breakdancing scene by way of social media. A buzz began and 3rd Culture was born. Taku was in business with a fast-tracked online storefront.

2 years later, designs have been showcased in SHAPE Magazine, FITNESS Magazine, have been featured in campaigns for G-Shock Watches and Guitar Center, worn on the American Music Awards and GRAMMY Awards, and by everyone from CeeLo Green to Ed Sheeran to Perez Hilton.

3rd Culture

Taku Hirano is both a 3rd Culture kid and "Outlier" whose worlds Hip-Hop culture, rock music, skate and surf lifestyle, globetrotting, fashion, and love of the visual arts (including contemporary art, graffiti, street art, and tattoo art) melded to form 3rd Culture. While using words of affirmation and empowerment wrapped up in messages and graphics that don't take themselves too seriously, we spark smiles, connections and conversation!

Try And Keep Up.™ indeed!